mult-function power tiller agricultural machinery in kenya

Mechanized mode of farming

The Hand Tractor Multi-Function Power Tiller is specifically designed for farmers that want to adapt mechanized modes of Farming such as use of Tractors but Unfortunately the Price Factor holds the Down.

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motorized power sprayers Nairobi Kenya

Spray plants with less effort

Our Power Sprayer is designed to maximize productivity of crops by spraying of pests and weeds efficiently and effectively. They are reliable, easy to use and maintain, light to carry and are built with operator’s safety in mind.

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weeding machines nairobi kenya

Ease the task of weeding

It eases the task of removing weeds in the farms. It is very cost effective and best suited for both commercial and small holder farmers. It is suitable for weeding crops planted such as maize, potatoes, coffee, tea, etc.

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Agricultural Machinery spares Nairobi Kenya

Accessories & Spares

Ikonic tiller machine is made to withstand harsh conditions on African soil, it’s a simple mechanism with little Complications, thus very minimal breakdowns, and all the spare parts are available locally.

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Technical support Nairobi Kenya

Technical Support

Ikonic has identified agents and trainers across major towns for support and we also offer after sales service. Ikonic will provide after sales comprehensive operating and maintenance training to county operators

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Agricultural machinery exhibitions Kenya

Machinery Exhibitions

We have participated in hundreds of agricultural machinery exhibitions in all over Kenya. We take this opportunity to offer consultations and free advice to farmers and our customers.

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