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Power Tillers

Power Tillers

The Hand Tractor (Power Tiller) is specifically designed for farmers that want to adapt mechanized modes of Farming such as use of Tractors but Unfortunately the Price Factor holds the Down.

The Machine is meant to replace the use of Bulls, Donkeys and Manpower with a fast, modern and more convenient way of farming.

  • 7 HP Power Tiller (petrol engine)

  • 8 HP Power Tiller (diesel engine)


  •  10 HP Power Tiller (diesel engine)


  • 14 HP Power Tiller (petrol engine)

The power-tiller operates multiple interchangeable implements such as:-

• Hay cutter
• Water Pump
• Planter
• Maize Sheller
• Potato Harvester
• Liquid sprayer
• Pull a Trailer for transporting capacity of up-to 300Kgs.

Soil Working by Power Tiller
• Ploughing
• Harrowing by use of Rotavators
• Farrowing by use of an adjustable/fixed ditcher.