The new age of agrarian revolution is here with us, and it demands mechanization of farming to maximize your production as a farmer and to fully utilize your land. At Ikonic, we definitely support and advocate for mechanization of farming, but what exactly should you put into consideration before making a purchase of a machine to help you mechanize?

  1. What problem are solving with the machine?

Let’s use the analogy of a hospital, consider your farm to be your child feeling ill and us at Ikonic the hospital that you’ve taken your child to. For you to be able to get the perfect treatment we have to know exactly what symptoms your child is experiencing. Once you know exactly what you want to achieve in your farm, it becomes easier to know which machine can solve the problem efficiently.

  1. What machine can solve the problem at hand?

While there could be a wide range of machines that can solve a problem, finding the right one that not only solves your problem but is also efficient in terms of multiple use and effectiveness is very important. A machine could be solving your problems but not as good as a perfect for the job machine.

  1. Do research on the machine you want to purchase

They say education is power so, before you commit yourself to purchasing and using a specific product it is always good to do comprehensive research on it, this way you get to know every single thing related to the product, in this case the machine of your choice. This will ease your decision-making process and will definitely determine your choice of machine.

  1. Best quality suppliers

After you have identified the problem, identified the machine to solve it and conducted comprehensive research, it now time to make a purchase. From your research you may have come across brands and possible notable companies that supply these brands, you have to make a choice of the best quality suppliers. You can do this by reading reviews from previous customers and in the process identify the company with the most positive feedback and reviews, this can potentially be your next stop to purchasing a perfect machine.

  1. Best price for the machine

Farming as it is, is already costly to the farmer, getting a good bargain for a machine that would maximize production is all a farmer dream of. Good research comes in handy here before you settle on a supplier, compare prices among different suppliers and go for one that meets your financial capabilities while at the same considering good quality machines.


In conclusion, machines make farming very effective, fast and maximizes production but before you opt to purchase one, you have to consider the above factors. Although the factors are not set to stone, any other factor that helps you decide on the perfect machine is just okay and you should adopt it.

Author Jeff Austine 

Ikonic Limited 



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