Diesel or Gasoline Engine? Learn how to choose!

Do you need motorized equipment for power generation? Whether for the field, garden, industry or even for irrigation?

Ikonic’s combustion line has gasoline and diesel engines. But do you know what are the main attributes of each one?

For a perfect choice, it is necessary to think about which type of engine will be the most suitable for your activities. If you are looking for a spare engine or engine, you also need to think about it. To help you in this task, Ikonic separated important tips for you to know more about this universe.

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Diesel Engine

Diesel engines are more powerful, being used in continuous use equipment, such as large generators that require a lot of power and energy.

Diesel is a fuel that works at low revs and high compression. Therefore, the operation of diesel engines tends to be very simple. The high torque during its operation results in more power and represents a reduced fuel consumption.

Diesel engines are 4-stroke engines and can be found with water and air cooling.

Because its capacity is indicated for intensive use, the diesel engine is generally used in equipment for construction , in small and medium-sized tractors, and motor pumps .

Petrol Engine

If you are looking for a lighter, more dynamic engine, practical to move, gasoline models are ideal.

Typically, gasoline powered equipment is smaller (compact) and also tends to be quieter, as it performs reduced vibration . They are indicated for small and medium size applications, such as: portable generators, machines and equipment for manual use.

Gasoline-powered engines can be found in the options for 2-Stroke (air-cooled) engines and in 4-Stroke (air-cooled and water-cooled) engines.

So, if you are looking for a lighter and more dynamic engine that provides more mobility in transportation, the gasoline line is the right choice.

How to choose the best engine?

To purchase the right item you need to assess your needs, location of engine operation and of course, choose a trusted brand.

Ikonic has several models Petrol engines with outputs from 5.5 HP to 14HP, in horizontal or vertical configurations. And also the Diesel line with powers from 8HP to 10HP. All were developed to make your work better and even more productive.

Now that you know more about engines powered by diesel or gasoline, take the opportunity to get to know our engine line and choose the right one!


Wesly Museve,

Ikonic Agricultural Machinery



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